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Tracey Devine


Tracey Devine a four-times winner of Scottish Hairdresser of the Year. She also won men’s Hairdresser of the Year Accolade in 2012, and was named the fellowship Hairdresser of the Year in 2013.

“Simultaneous to her award-winning achievements, Tracey has had a phenomenal career as a salon hairdresser. Since opening Angels in 1998, she has meticulously developed her entrepreneurial skills and Angels is now among the most respected and successful destination salons in Scotland.

Tracey is in great demand for her session work all over the world. She was a UK guest artist and member of the European session team for boutique brand Kevin Murphy and is now a Global Ambassador for Affinage.

She is also determined to share some of the secrets of her success and help others to flourish through her work as a freelance editor and art direction consultant.
If you or your team could benefit from expert creative or business hairdressing training or are looking to create photographic imagery, Tracey has a no-nonsense, but brilliantly effective service to achieve your goal.”

Pictures from Affinage SC 2014 collection